July 2021 Meeting Recap

I wanted to give my recap for everyone who couldn’t make it to our monthly meeting this past Wednesday.

As we talked announced last month, one of the main projects our group is going to be working on is the Kern Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) initiative. According to sancuarycounties.com 61.39% of all counties in the US have 2A Sanctuary County resolutions and/or ordinances passed, and we want to add Kern to that list!

At this month’s meeting we went over the goals for the next 1, 3, and 6 months, and the general scope of work we are wanting to accomplish.

Month 1:

Finish our website- https://kerngunowners.com/

-Our website is going to be our home base for all of our communications and calendar. We’re also going to have a “Donate” page and button added to the site to collect one-time and reoccurring donations  from our supporters. Once this is set up, we’re going to recommend everyone to sign up for reoccurring donations if possible. 

-We also want to update the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary page. We’re going be drafting a copy and paste letter as well as adding links to all the City Council Member, County Supervisor, Sheriff, and District Attorney web pages so you can copy the letter and send it directly to the respected recipient hassle free. This letter is going to explain why you want them to support the SASO and what they can do to help our cause.

Make our marketing materials

-We’re going to have tri-fold pamphlets made with all our information and details of the SASO.

-We’re going to make a Business Packet with detailed descriptions of how we’re going to spend the donations, and different large ticket donation strategies for our business partners.

-We’re going to start a petition to show prove tangible support for the SASO

-We’re going to be designing yard signs for people to purchase

-We’re going to be setting up Social Media pages. Everything that get posted on our website will be published on social media. We’re going to be starting a Facebook, Instagram, and Parler account. If there are any other social media pages you guys think we should start, feel free to email me and we’ll get it.


  • Ive reached out to several YouTube pages, and I got ahold of Joel P. From GunGuyTV and Will from the Daily Shooter. Both would like to help  get the word out for the SASO. So expect to see those videos within the next month or so

3 Month Goals

  • Share our marketing materials with every 2A business, orginizations, and individual as possible
  • Reach out to all our elected officials or candidates for next years election
  • Use these are tools to bring in donations 
  • Have as many people as possible reach out to our local officials with letters and phone calls

6 Month Goal

-raise $25k

12 Month Goal

-raise $50

Once we have enough donations, we’re going to be advertising the SASO on the Radio, TV, Billboards, Bakersfield Tuff, etc.

We want to make the SASO a topic of discussion for next years midterm elections, and we want every candidate and elected official to openly state whether they support or oppose the SASO. We need to know if our elected officials are on the side of the gun grabbing tyrants, or if they stand with freedom loving citizens, and I believe this will be the perfect test for them.

Our group has had a slow start, but things are going to be moving very fast from here on out. There is a lot of work to do, and if you would like to help, feel free to call or email me any time.

We’re also going to be scheduling range days here soon, so if you have any recommendations on where you would like to have it, feel free to call or email me. (I believe the first one is going to be in Tehachapi, I will reach out to you with a date and time) 

The Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance is going to be uploaded to our website, so feel free to take a look.

Thank you again, and I hope you have a great day!

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