What is the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) initiative?

The SASO initiative is a campaign to end the use of local resources, including personnel, equipment, data bases, agencies, and enforcement of unconstitutional state and federal laws by local governments and law enforcement. We are looking to end the enforcement of: standard capacity magazine bans, “assault weapon” bans, red flag laws, possible pistol brace bans, gun and ammo confiscations, and any and all other unconstitutional gun laws.

Why is it important for the CRPA and its local chapters to start the SASO initiative?

The state and federal governments have been working for the last 60 years to undermine the People’s right to keep and bear arms, and we can no longer allow them to gain any more ground. The CRPA is a leader in the fight against the gun grabbers, and has proven their unwavering, and unapologetic, support for the Second Amendment. This initiative will show sponsors that the CRPA is going to work to fight for their rights, not only at the state and federal level, but also in our local communities. This initiative will rally our allies, energize our supporters, and will reestablish us as leaders of positive change in our communities.

Email Your Representatives!

What is the impact of starting the SASO initiative?

The gun control debate is taking place all across the country, and we want to take advantage of the times. Most legislative bodies are working to either embolden or undermine the Second Amendment, and their efforts will make a long lasting impact on our communities. Even if your local politicians are strong and outspoken supporters of the Second Amendment, they won’t be in office forever, and political sentiment changes over time. Look to San Diego, Orange County, and California as a whole. California used to be a strong conservative state, now its the most liberal state in the union. Even Texas, the shining star of conservatism, has been electing more left leaning democrats. So, their government has taken steps to protect the rights of the people while they can. Getting the SASO approved isn’t only to protect ourselves from unjust prosecution, but it also ensures that our children, and generations to come, have the freedom they deserve.

Another goal of this initiative is to force our local officials to answer a simple question: Do they support the 2nd Amendment, or not? We understand that as individuals, we have almost no control of what happens at the state and federal level, but we have direct oversight on what happens at the local level. We also want to remind our constituents that a politician’s partial support of this initiative wont be tolerated, these politicians are either with us or against us. We want to make this initiative take center stage for next years election, where seats on the County Board of Supervisors, City Councils, Sheriff, and District Attorney are going to be open for contest. A political endorsement of the SASO initiative should be the first qualifier to earn a vote for office.

Will this initiative make us look like radicals and deter support from moderate politicians and supporters?

The laws we are looking to de-criminalize, are moderate and mainstream policies, that are legal in at least 40 states, and over 61% of counties in America have adopted Second Amendment sanctuary legislation for their communities.

The Democrats and news agencies have painted EVERY gun owner as a dangerous, right-wing extremist, who are one emotional breakdown away from committing the next mass shooting. Liberal politicians have been preaching for decades that the only way to end violence, is to restrict the use of firearms, and only then, will America become a peaceful utopia. Ironically, the cities and states that have been enforcing the strictest gun laws for decades, have the highest crime and gun violence today.

By supporting the SASO initiative, you will be standing up against the radicals who want to empower criminals; you will be standing up against the radicals who want to strip citizens of due process; and you will be standing up against the radicals who wish to enforce unconstitutional laws. A politician who would rather “save” their career in office, by opposing this initiative, reveals that they were never supporters of the Second Amendment, and that they shouldn’t be worthy of our vote.

There are people who will use any excuse to oppose our movement, but the truth is, many people in our communities have been waiting a long time for someone to stand up and push back against the gun grabbing left. Let us answer their call, and fight back against the radicals who want to strip us of our freedoms.

To accomplish this goal, we are going to:

To accomplish this goal, your chapter will need to be organized and have a thorough plan of attack (see SASO Action Plan Document). With diligence and strategy, we can achieve any goal we set our minds to. Here is a basic overview of the SASO Action Plan:

  1. Initiate the movement- Draft an ordinance and email a letter to the elected officials asking for their support
  2. Create support documentation and information- pamphlets, website, signs, petition
  3. Create a Coalition- reach out to to businesses, organizations, friends and family, (basically everyone) and ask for their support
  4. Attend Supervisor and city council meetings and get SASO on the agenda for a vote.

Send A Message

We also want to send a message to our state and federal government: Unconstitutional laws, proclamations, edicts, and orders are not going to be forced down upon us from ivory towers of tyranny. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and our forefathers gave us all the tools we need to break thru the gates of our oppressors. The Founding Fathers understood that our government would one day try to deprive its citizens of their Rights, and they showed us, with their actions, how to break the shackles of injustice and empower the people to stand up and stand together!

We can cower to our oppressors, or we can stand up to them. Pay homage to ourforefathers, by standing up as they did, and be the leaders our children will aspire to become.

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